As always, the best 100 grain broadheads come with two main forms: Fixed Blade and Mechanical Broadhead. Each kind has its own pros, cons and features for hunting.

Most people, who are professional archers, would say that broadheads are not always the most important thing but shot placement is. This is not really true in hunting because most of the time, we want to take down the targets as soon as possible.

All of the best 100 grain broadhead manufactures on the market right now can help you get those instant kills with ease.

Fixed broadheads are absolutely legal in all of the North America countries, the Mechanical (Expandable) Broadheads are only legal in couples of hunting places.

Hence, you need to know the hunting regulations of your state first.

That way, you will know either deer broadhead is suitable for you.

the best 100 grain broadheads on the market right now. Let's explore to see which are the best selling ones, as well as their features, pros and cons

Photo by Arcus Hunting

The Best 100 Grain Broadheads of 2021

  1. Swhacker 100 Grain 1.75-Inch Cut
  2. Rage Xtreme Series
  3. Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Bowhunting Broadheads
  4. Slick Trick Magnum
  5. Grim Reaper Whitetail Special
  6. New Archery Products Killzone
  7. Rocket Steelhead
  8. Ramcat 100 Grain Silver Broadheads Pro Series

Swhacker 100 Grain 1.75-Inch Cut Broadhead

  • Specifications

  • The pack contains 3 100-grain 2-blade expandable broadheads.
  • Cutting diameter: 1 ¾”
  • Hardened high carbon steel point
  • Stainless steel.
  • Honed razor sharp.
  • Blade 0.032″ thick.
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum

This is definitely one of the best 100-grain broadheads on the market right now.

The Swhacker 100 Grain has a compact but solid design, which is also one of the reasons most people love this broadhead.

swhacker 100 grain broadheads

This broadhead literally weighs 100 grains, making it perfect for most of the crossbows and archery setups on the market right now.

The cutting diameter is 1-3/4″, providing the penetration up to 7-1/16″.

The extremely powerful shoulders on the blades could easily stamp out most of the common failures on the other mechanical broadheads.

The blades are attached to the broadhead via one single screw only, helping the balance of the broadhead nicely built.

The shrink collar totally covers and hides the blades while flying. Hence, making o-rings and rubber bands unnecessary. The shrink collar is well designed, helping it work with the ferrule flawlessly and totally remove the aerodynamic drag while flying.

The way the the blade tips protrude from the ferrule upon impact, giving the blades more than enough time make a devastating open, is really unique.

This feature totally prevents jack-knifing and veering off when you are doing a quartering shot.

It’s compact but it’s deadly.

Rage Xtreme Series

No products found.

  • Specifications

  • Broadhead: 100 Grain.
  • 2.3″ cutting diameter.
  • 0.035″ stainless steal blades.
  • Honed surgical sharpness blades.
  • Excellent precision.
  • Outstanding wound channels.
  • The unique sweeping blade angle helps maintain the kinetic energy a lot longer than other broadheads.
  • Improved Shock Collar Technology.

Rage Broadheads have been having a huge portion of the mechanical broadhead market for years now.

They are literally one of the biggest names leading the evolution of mechanical broadheads

Their rear-deploying design is such an outstanding innovation. This technology helps maintain the kinetic energy much longer than the traditional blades.

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads

Upon impact, the Rage broadheads usually has a less acute angle. This feature provides more energy delivered, giving a better penetration to the target.

Most hunters really like the large cutting diameter coming with these broadheads. It is the largest cutting diameter on the market right now at 2-¼ inches.

The huge 0.34″ deploy-able blades are ultra sharp, known as honed surgical sharpness blades.

During out tests, the average weight of the three broadheads is approximately 99.9999 grains. This shows us how impressive their production process consistency is.

When you make a shot through the sheetrock, the head transfer all of the damage to the shock collar, keeping itself unharmed.

Remaining itself intact while giving such a huge cutting diameter is not a normal feature which can be found on other 100-grain broadheads.

With the penetration of 8″, you have more than enough damage to take down any target almost immediately.

Muzzy Trocar 100 Grain Bowhunting Broadheads

  • Specifications

  • Package contains 6 broadheads.
  • Weight: 100 Grain (Optional: 75 Grain and 125  Grain).
  • 0.02″ blades.
  • Cutting diameter: 1-3/16″.
  • Aircraft aluminum bodies.
  • Razor sharp stainless steel blades.
  • Hardened steel tip.
  • Excellent penetration and flight stability.
  • Interlock inside the broadhead.
  • 100% Made in USA.

Muzzy is indeed one of the most well-known broadhead manufacturers on the market nowadays.

Muzzy Trocar HB Hybrid 4 Blade Broadhead

The number of animals have been taken down every year by Muzzy broadheads should be the a lot higher and any other broadheads.

And the Muzzy 100 Grain should be the brightest start among their products.

During our tests, Muzzy broadheads weighed exactly 100 grains. They were perfectly produced. Very impressive!

The pack contains 6 broadheads at once for less than $30. For the same price, it’s almost impossible to find any better broadheads on the market.

The blade are ultra sharp and sturdy, should be getting zero damage after several hunting seasons.

The cutting diameter at 1-3/16″ is pretty impressive. This broadhead can easily achieve the penetration of 9-3/16″.

Last but not least, their products are 100% made in the USA, making it one of the best fixed 100-grain heads right now on the market with the top notch quality.

Muzzy 100 grain 3 blade review

Slick Trick Magnum

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  • Specifications

  • Weight: 100 Grain
  • 0.035″ stainless steel Lutz blades
  • Alcatraz bladelock system
  • Super steel ferrule
  • Cutting Diameter: 2-1/4″
  • Blade length: 1-1/8″

Another incredibly well-known broadhead brand on the market right now!

These broadheads feature 0.035″ surprisingly sharp and tough blades.

The 4-blade design is slick. The way they overlap and interlace into each other offers the most robustly constructed broadhead ever seen. This is literally one of the best construction we have ever seen so far.

This design offers the cleanest kills and massive blood trails.

Not only that, the design gives you the ultimate stability in fight, making it fly in a straight line just like your field points when practicing. This is probably one of the things you have heard about them!

They are also scarily sharp so be careful when playing with them!

Although the blades are replaceable, you can rest assured that they will last for at least a few hunting seasons before need to be replaced.

The body of the Slick Tricks broadhead is ultra sturdy. It rarely bends or gets broken.

These broadheads are super durable, surprising accurate and very affordable. This is always one of the best choices for everyone.

Grim Reaper Whitetail Special

  • Specifications

  • Package contains 3 broadheads.
  • 100 Grain
  • 3 blades
  • 2″ cutting diameter
  • Mini-tip blades.
  • 0.035 thick 440 Stainless steel blades
  • Perfect for high kinetic energy bows.
  • Perfect for whitetail sized games.
  • Practice head included.

Grim Reaper is well-known because of their ultra sharp razor tip.

This time, they brings to us an outstanding 100-grain 2″ cutting diameter broadhead.

Grim Reaper Expandable Broadhead Razortip

The collar blade retention is well built. There is no chance for the blades to open while flying.

The chisel-style tip is another outstanding feature which is hard to be found on other broadheads. This design helps the tip penetrate faster as well as make the contact more devastating.

The three long blades can be opened separately, making it perfect for quartering shots.

Due to the pretty large head, the 0.035″ blades are ultra sturdy so you don’t need to worry but your broadheads ever hit rocks. This is such an achievement for a 100-grain broadhead with long blades.

Because of the large cutting diameter, the penetration is diminished a bit, not too deep like other broadheads. The penetration would be around 6-7/8 inches.

Last but not least, this broadhead comes with a practice head which is also around 100 grain, perfectly similar to the original one.

New Archery Products Killzone

  • Specifications

  • Weight: 100 Grain
  • Package contains 3 broadheads.
  • Practice blades included.
  • Cutting diameter: 2″
  • Trophy tip for better penetration and cutting.
  • The Spring Clip design removes rubber bands and 0-rings.
  • Two blades.

The New Archery Products Killzone has been an impressive and best-selling 100-grain broadhead on the market for years now.

However, this new 2-blade broadhead with rear-deploying blades is such an innovation, boosting the performance of this broadhead a lot more than the traditional ones.

New Archery Products Broadheads always have the best looking among tons of other designs.

The fit-and-fishing is outstanding.

The spring clip helps retain the blades while flying, totally eliminating o-rings and rubber bands.

Some users reported that the spring clip pressure is somehow too tight, preventing the blades’ deployment. However, we were not facing this issue during our test.

The penetration of this mechanical broadhead is not as deep as the other ones. It is roughly 5¼”. Hence, it’s perfect for whitetail sized games. It’s also excellent for turkey hunting.

Easy to use, perfect for both beginners and experts.

Rocket Steelhead Broadhead

  • Specifications

  • Weight: 100 Grain
  • Cutting Diameter: 1-1/8″
  • Solid steel.
  • Very strong and accurate broadhead.
  • Very thing surface arena reduces wind restriction, boost the performance,
  • 1-piece ferrule.

One of the most being searched 100 grain broadheads on the market right now!

By talking a quick look at it on Amazon, you can easily see that all of the customers are very impressive with the performance it provides.

Although the cutting diameter is pretty decent, around 1-1/8”, and the design is very compact, it provides one of the best penetrations among all of the other well-known ones.

Bone-crushing penetration that kills the target almost immediately. You don’t have to spend much time to wander around the wilderness searching for the target.

The Rocket Steelhead is made from one-piece solid steel and coated titanium itride to deduce the corrosion resistance, also make it a lot stronger than usual and provide the flawless arrow flight.

With the compact design and the meticulous accuracy in producing, you will easily see that this 100 grain broadhead will fly just like your field tips.

Just practice with your field tips and you will be ready to go hunting with the Rocket Steelhead.

For the price, this is such a good deal.

Ramcat 100 Grain Silver Broadheads Pro Series

  • Specifications

  • Concave scoop technology.
  • Preeminent accuracy and penetration.
  • Cutting Diameter: 1-3/8″
  • 0.032″ thick blades
  • One-piece Stainless steel body.
  • Ultra sharp blades on both front and rear.
  • Field point accuracy.
  • Deadly quite while flying.
  • Pack contains three broadheads.

Ramcat is currently getting a lot of praises for their fantastic hybrid broadhead designs.

Although this is a fixed broadhead, all of it blades are capable for folding forward. You can easily adjust it to the way you want it to be.

This is not a mechanical broadhead so it’s legal in all of the states.

The design of this broadhead is very simple but very tough and solid.

The machine work is impressively done. It is indeed one of the most beautiful broadheads on the market right now.

The concave scoop technology is indeed unique and can’t be found on any other broadhead. This helps the broadhead fly perfectly just like a field point, prevent wind restriction as much as possible, making it perfect for all beginners.

It makes almost no sound in flight and creates significant wound channels for the instant kill. Anyone can do this in less than 40 yards.

Lastly, the blades of this broadheads are impressively sharpened on both front and rear, making the would channels and penetrations more deadly.

Expandable Broadheads or Fixed Broadheads for Deer Hunting?

Choosing the best type of 100 grain broadhead is always an interesting debate.

The most important factors you need to care when it comes to purchasing the one is the accuracy and the reliability.

Normally, mechanical (expandable) broadheads have a lot more accuracy but fixed broadheads have a better reliability.

Mechanical Broadheads

They have an awesome mechanism that helps deploy those ultra sharp blades upon impact. This mechanism offers the maximum accuracy for your shot, leaving no room for error.

Most people love using expandable broadheads are because of their accuracy and especially cutting diameter.

While flying, all of the blades are almost hidden inside the broadheads, significantly reducing air friction and wind resistance, helping the arrow hit the target with the maximum accuracy.

The blades only open upon impact, making the shot more devastating and also help restrict penetration perfectly.

Fixed Blade Broadheads

They don’t have any mechanism. Like the name already described, all of the parts are fixed.

Once the arrow is shot, the broadhead already has the full functions, waiting for the impact. Thus, they are is very reliable in a lot of situations.

The downside of it is that because of the large surface arena, it might get some wind resistance and air friction, making it harder to make a field point accuracy.

For the best results, fixed blade broadheads always require the fine tuned bow and a suitable archery form.

Hopefully after reading our guide, you have found the best 100-grain broadheads for yourself.