Choosing Arrows and Broadheads for Better Penetration

hunting deer

Hunting is an enchanting experience to get out there and embrace the nature all around.

Hunting is an outdoor activity or sport which is done for the purpose of killing and trapping of the animals for survival, leisure and terminate the predators which are a threat to humankind.

Hunting can be a wonderful experience you can have with your friends and family to enjoy the fresh air and prepossessing qualities of nature.

One should know the art of hunting because it can lead to your survival if you are caught up in a desolate area.

To employ hunting, arrows and bows are imperative elements which you need to carry out the job.

You need the perfect bow and arrows that meets your needs and expectation.

The arrows are made from various materials such as wood, aluminum, carbon and fiberglass. Each of the arrows is used for a dedicated purpose and the selection of the arrow depends upon numerous factors such as weight, draw length, shaft pattern, broadhead, spine and draw weight of the arrow and you need to calculate all the factors so that you can find the perfect arrow for your application.

How to select a proper broadhead?

Broadhead is the most imperative element which defines the sole purpose of an arrow

It is a sharp metal object which is attached to one end of the arrow and it is used to kill or damage the target by penetration or piercing through their skin.

Well, when you are hunting turkey, deer, black bear or anything, every opportunity means a lot and you need the perfect broadhead for your application for better penetration such that you lead to success in bringing down the target.

There are three main types of broadheads:

  1. Fixed blade: These are the broadheads which are fixed onto the arrow and they are irreplaceable in nature which means that they remain fixed onto the arrow. These are the traditional broadheads are consists of a standard deep sharpened edge. These broadheads are used for deeper penetration and are used to hunt animals like boar, elks, musk’s and many more.
  2. Mechanical blade: These are the broadheads which have fine aerodynamics properties but they need perfect archery to avoid misdirection and less penetration of the broadhead.
  3. Replaceable blade: These are the broadheads which have good flight capabilities and you can replace them anytime you want. These broadheads are replaceable when they get damaged. But they do not have good penetration properties and they are less sturdy in design.

Points you need to consider for building a better penetrating arrow with proper broadhead selection:

  • Design: The design of the broadhead is crucial to build a penetrating arrow. There are numerous designs out in the market from which you can select the broadhead. The design of the broadhead defines the aerodynamic properties and the kinetic energy for deep penetration. The kinetic energy of the broadhead defines the penetration depth of a broadhead. So you should consider the design which boosts the kinetic energy of the arrow so that it can penetrate deeply.
  • Weight: The weight of the broadhead is an imperative function for penetration. You need a broadhead which is heavy to penetrate deeper within the target. As light broadheads provide sufficient damage to the target but they are not sufficient enough to bring down the target. So you a need a sufficiently heavy broadhead which can easily penetrate through the target to bring it down.
  • Sharpness: The sharpness of the blade plays a vital role in making the arrow more penetrable. So you should select a broadhead which is sharp and can be easily penetrated on the other hand the broadhead which is less sharp would be hard to penetrate.


How to Choose An Arrow for Better Penetration?

Well, the selection of the arrows depends upon various factors. For the selection of the arrows you need to consider the following factors:

  • Arrow material: This is the first and the foremost step you need to consider while selecting the arrows. The arrow is manufactured using various materials such as wood, carbon, fiberglass and aluminum. So you need the select the arrow material according to your needs and requirements. For an instance, fiberglass is the heaviest and the most durable arrow so it can used by beginners for practicing.
  • Draw length: The draw length of a bow is an imperative element and it is also used for selection of the length of the arrow. Draw length is basically the length of the bow which is drawn in the backward direction for the shooting of the arrow. You need the maximum draw length at which the compound bows gets locked. You need the accurate bow length so that you can use the bow to shoot the arrows with ease and precision.
  • Arrow length: The arrow length is nothing but the total length of the arrow and it is calculated by using the draw length. You have to simply add 0.5-1 inch to the draw length to obtain the length of the arrow. For an instance, if the draw length of your arrow is 29inch then the length of your arrow would be approx. 30 inches.
  • Spine: Spine of an arrow is basically a measurement of the deflection of the shaft. The Spine is a little advanced concept and the beginners who have just started the journey do not need to fuss about it. Well if you have to calculate the spine there are various charts which are used to calculate the spine and there are also various test kits for this purpose. But basically the arrows which have higher spine can bend more and are optimum for lighter bows well the arrows which have less spine can bend less or they are stiff and these arrows are optimum for heavier bows.
  • Vanes: Vanes are basically a plastic material which is attached at the other end of the arrow to provide rotating motion to the arrows. Vanes enable the arrow to move in a circular motion for stable and longer aerodynamics. There are numerous vanes which you can employ on your arrows to define which types of movement you want for your arrows.

So you can make the arrow more penetrating by using the perfect broadhead and arrow.

You need to calculate the following parameters such as draw length, length and slide of an arrow so that you get the perfect arrow with maximum penetrating capabilities.

With the perfect arrow, you need the best broadheads so that the combination of both can create a lethal weapon with the best accuracy, precision and penetration.