Have you ever wondered about what’s the utility of choosing the best crossbow broadheads?

The reasons behind the choices are multiple, and if you are really passionate about bow-hunting or any other sport related to a crossbow, then you are in the right place to find out more about this topic.

The broadhead you select is going to influence your accuracy and the range of your shoot.

Depending on your budget and your purpose, you can choose between a wide range of products.

Choosing the best broadheads for crossbows requires patience and a lot of research beforehand. The selected broadheads you’ll find here should help you make a final decision. Read the reviews thoroughly, and you won’t regret your choice.

Check this out to find important details about the best broadheads for crossbows you can find on the market. Extensive reviews for these products and a series of arguments for buying them are one click away.

Why You Need Great Crossbow Broadheads!

crossbow broadhead mechanical advantage

Photo by cdb_bowhunter

Mechanical Advantage

The influence that crossbow broadheads have is tremendous in any sport or activity that includes a crossbow.

It’s important to know that the mechanical advantages of a wisely selected broadhead can visibly help you get better at what you are doing.

A good broadhead carries what experts call the Mechanical Advantage, which people know as MA.

The Mechanical Advantage principle applies to all sorts of fields, not bow hunting only.

Regardless of the crossbow you are using, the efficiency of your shot is entirely based on what broadheads you are going to use.

Making the difference between a good broadhead and a low-quality one can improve your performances to the maximum.

crossbow broadhead performance

Photo by Aron Snyder


The main reason why you might want to buy a broadhead for your crossbow is to become better at what you are doing.

For instance, if you participate in a bow-hunting competition and your competitors use better broadheads compared to the ones you use, they have a clear advantage and will always be a few steps in front of you.

Investing in better broadheads can help you achieve the level of performance you desire.

Again, it all depends on your personal purposes and the activities you engage yourself in. Not every person prefers the same kinds of broadheads, and you have to consider the factors that could influence your choice.

Crossbow Broadhead Precision

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In case you want better crossbow broadheads for completing your hunting supply collection, then you might want to look for different features and specs.

You need better broadheads for crossbow if you aspire to achieve a higher level of precision and accuracy when hunting.

Some hunters are also thinking about methods that are more humane, in the sense that the better the broadhead, the quicker the animal is going to drop.

The needs behind using other broadheads are diverse and can be different from person to person.

You have to select the option that is suitable for your individual situation.

crossbow broadhead duration

Photo by Jack Spinks


You may want to invest into a broadhead that resists through time even after multiple uses.

Well, in order to achieve that result, you should properly look for the materials used for the blade in the broadhead you want to buy.

Some broadheads come with stainless steel blades while others feature forged aluminum.

The materials used for creating sharp blades for a broadhead are different, and this is why you should inform yourself thoroughly about what sort of blade you should choose regarding your own requirements.

Of course, it is much better to invest into quality broadheads for crossbow that don’t need replacement instead of one-time usage only.

Keep an eye on each broadhead’s feature and everything should work out well.

Some Factors You Should Know Before Buying A Crossbow Broadhead

There are a few factors that you might want to consider before trying any new broadhead.

Actually, as mentioned before, you should first decide what your purpose is exactly. Without being aware of your needs and requirements, you can’t properly select the most appropriate product for you.

Of course, some reviews will help you understand the features better, but you should have an idea about the features you want your broadheads to have.

Think twice about the reason why you are buying those broadheads in the first place and also take these factors into account:


The sharpness of the best crossbow broadhead’s blade can be lethal or not.

There are three basic types of the edge when talking about broadheads:

  1. The serrated edge.
  2. The file sharpened edge.
  3. The smooth honed edge.

Each type is used for different purposes, and they have different mechanical attributes.

For hunters, it is very important to produce the expected tissue damage. Otherwise, the outcome won’t be the expected one.

Starting with the first type of edge, the serrated one has a similar effect as a saw. It grips and grabs a tissue, penetrating and tearing it apart. This is the most damaging type of edge, and it produces the biggest possible damage.

The file sharpened edge is the most common type of blade for broadheads. The smooth finish of this type of broadhead is suitable for penetrating coarse animal hair or skin. It tears tissue apart from being able to reach to internal organs and produce lethal damage. File sharpened edge broadheads bite into flesh from long distances without any damage suffered. Also, they are so sharp that if you run a finger on its surface, you get instantly cut.

The last type – the smooth honed edge – is one of the most popular choices. It has medical principles behind it, meaning that it is shaped in a way that it creates cuts that won’t stop bleeding. Smooth cuts don’t allow clotting agents inside the body to gather together, letting the blood go to waste in a short period of time. Ragged cuts prevent excessive blood loss, while sharp ones are encouraging it.

broadhead cutting diameters

Cutting Diameters

The cutting diameters of a broadhead can range from 1” to 3”.

Usually, the cutting diameter must be selected only in accordance with other factors.

There are broadheads that come with a fixed blade or a spiral-shaped one.

When selecting a crossbow broadhead, the cutting diameter represents just another factor in combination with several others that recommend the respective product for an activity or not.

The main feature that people look for in broadheads is deep penetration. Cutting diameter is – in most cases – overlooked, even though it constitutes a paramount detail.

People’s opinion is that a bigger cutting diameter is directly equated with better penetration. In fact, that’s not true. Cutting diameter always correlates with other factors such as kinetic energy.

Kinetic Energy

Kinetic energy represents the one factor that gives your arrow velocity.

You can determine kinetic energy at the target and choose the broadhead that’s suitable for your purposes.

The kinetic energy output varies from 30 ft-lbs to 60 or more ft-lbs.

Calculating the kinetic energy that your arrow has can lead to deeper penetration and – therefore – greater shot quality.

Most hunters look for the most powerful and lethal result, which is obtained only when a combination of factors come together.

The broadheads you select can dramatically influence the total kinetic energy output when the arrow hits the target.

The combination between a good arrow and a suitable broadhead leads to maximum kinetic energy.

There are formulas that can help you calculate the amount of kinetic energy needed. You can also increase the kinetic energy by increasing draw weight.

crossbow broadhead sharpness

Photo by Joe Hunter

The Combination Between Speed and Weight

When selecting what type of broadhead to buy for your crossbow and bolt size, you may want to take into account the combination between speed and weight.

Choosing a proper broadhead is paramount for obtaining the desired penetration level.

Actually, the speed and weight of an arrow can be influenced by the cutting diameter of the broadhead you select, in the sense that a larger cutting diameter will need much more kinetic energy in order to penetrate, and certain effects might be lost.

When you want a lower end of kinetic energy output, the best choice is to select broadheads that have a moderate cutting diameter.

Also, the type of blade influences the speed of the arrow. There are fixed-blade broadheads and mechanical broadheads where you can choose from.

Pay a lot of attention to all the influencing factors that make your arrow better.

Even though it might seem like a bigger broadhead for crossbows does the job, it is not always applicable.

5 Best Crossbow Broadheads of 2021

  1. Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX
  2. Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar
  3. Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead
  4. Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75″ Cut Broadhead
  5. Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series

Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX – Mechanical Crossbow Broadhead

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • The pack contains 3 broadheads (100 or 125 Grain)
  • Razor sharp .035″ stainless steel blades.
  • 2″ Cutting Diameter.
  • Massive leading edge blade.
  • Rage broadheads for crossbows are made for the best accuracy.
  • Their wound channels are fabulous.
  • The F.A.T Technology promotes aerodynamic flight.
  • Shock Collar Technology for the best blade retention.
  • Free practice head included.

  • Thick helix blade
  • 1 3/16” cutting diameter
  • Steel ferule
  • High accuracy
  • Deep penetration

  • Doesn’t fit with all crossbows
  • Shorter range

Extremely precise

This broadhead impresses through the extreme precision it offers.

The Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX is perfect for hunters who want the best possible accuracy.

For obtaining noticeable wound channels, this broadhead for crossbows is the most suitable choice.

It comes in an aerodynamic design, which means it reaches the expected velocity.

The product also has proper blade retention. The massive leading edge blade promises maximum damage and tissue breakthrough.

Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX

Shock Collar Technology

The Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX comes with Shock Collar Technology which is the best type of crossbow broadhead technology, along with FAT.

Luckily, this product includes both Shock Collar and FAT technologies making it perfect for beginner and professional hunters.

The ferrule alignment technology promises velocity and precision in flight and the Shock Collar one ensures proper blade retention and getting a considerable blood trail while hunting, which is the outcome that all hunters desire when the target drops after a considerable number of yards.

2” cutting diameter

The 2” cutting diameter ensures the best possible outcome.

Besides cutting diameter, a multitude of factors recommends this product to any hunting passionate.

The blades measure .035” and are made from stainless steel.

In order to test the performance of the 2” cutting diameter, the product comes with free practice heads to ensure clients they work as supposed.

This makes the blades lethal and promises high damage.

All the features of this product recommend it for all sorts of crossbow activities, including hunting.

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow Broadheads

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • 1 piece steel ferrule.
  • Comes with 2 version: 100 grain and 125 grain crossbow broadhead.
  • 0.035″ thick and helix-blade for maximum accuracy.
  • 1 3/16″ cutting diameter.
  • 0.035″ Razor-sharp blades.
  • Solid-steel ferrule.

  • Thick helix blade
  • 1 3/16” cutting diameter
  • Steel ferule
  • High accuracy
  • Deep penetration

  • The crossbow should be tuned appropriately
  • Can be used with crossbows only – not compound bows

Helix blade

The Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar broadhead features a helix blade that is 0.034” thick. This feature ensures the broadhead extreme precision and impressive damage on hit.

It breaks through all sorts of tissue, and it grants the hunter a generous range for shooting.

The helix blade is specially designed for professional hunting, so it should meet all expectations.

Besides the fact that the blade is designed in a helix shape, they are also featuring steel ferrule technology.

muzzy bowhunting trocar

Photo by Adam Brister

Steel, razor-sharp blades

The helix blades featured on the Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar broadhead are made from solid steel which means hunters should expect more than a one-time use.

The razor-sharp blades are suitable for anyone who wishes to get maximum damage, velocity, and precision.

The material is resistant, granting the item for long-term usage.

The blades on this broadhead are compatible with both 100-grain and 125-grain crossbows.

The cutting diameter beneficially influences the spin of the broadhead.

Maximum accuracy

The shape of this product along with the features it has leads to maximum accuracy.

For people who still want to get the best possible precision while still maintaining an appropriate range from their target, the Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar broadhead represents one of the viable options.

Besides accuracy, this broadhead also ensures deep penetration and leaves massive blood trails behind.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Excellent design: Stainless steel blades, aircraft grade aluminum ferrule.
  • 1 1/8″ cutting diameter.
  • Serrated blades always stay sharp.
  • The six cutting edges can create a 2.5 times greater wound opening than the traditional broadheads, giving the maximum damage.
  • The field point has aerodynamic profile giving 100% spin enhance precision and a lot better devastation.
  • Works perfectly with both aluminum and carbon crossbows.

  • Six cutting edges
  • Aerodynamic profile
  • Great spin
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Works with all sorts of crossbows

  • No field points for practicing
  • Short range points

Maximum damage

The Carbon Express XT Dual Blade is designed to produce the maximum damage possible.

This crossbow broadhead comes with six cutting edges which means that once it hits the target, the wound produces huge wounds that live a generous blood trail behind.

For hunters, who want to obtain this result, the Carbon Express might be the most suitable option.

The target drops in just a few yards (from 25 to 50) making it convenient for professional hunting.

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade

Serrated blades

This product features serrated blades, which are a much powerful version of straight-edge broadheads.

The reason why serrated blades work better is that they produce a wound that won’t heal fast and will bleed continuously.

Quality sharp serrated blades like these ones have been known for shooting accurately and lethal.

Keep in mind that different sorts of serration produce different results.

Works with all sorts of crossbows

This type of broadhead works with different crossbows and doesn’t require tuning to fletching.

The bolt’s size influences the shot, but tuning is not required for true precision.

They fit all sorts of bolts, but they can affect the arrow flight. This is a small broadhead which makes it the most suitable for crossbows. The product is designed to fit any crossbow bolts size.

Swhacker Set of 3 Crossbow 100 Grain 1.75″ Cut Broadhead

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Each pack contains three 100 grain expandable 2-blade crossbow broadheads.
  • Blades: .032″ stainless, thick steel; honed razor sharp.
  • Ferrule: Anodized aircraft aluminum
  • The point is hardened high carbon steel.

  • Stainless steel blade
  • High-carbon steel point
  • Ferrule technology
  • Load bearing surface
  • Open on impact

  • Can’t be used with all sorts of crossbows
  • Doesn’t leave an impressive blood trail

Expandable blade

This broadhead for crossbow is a very impressive one since it comes in a catchy, aerodynamic design.

It comes in a set of three, and it features an expandable 2-blade, which is the most selected type of blade for hunters who want to get massive blood trails and maximum damage.

These blades expand when in contact with the target, producing much more damage in a faster period of time.

In addition to that, it is a more humane option, the reason why it is adopted by professional hunters all the time.

swhacker crossbow broadheads

Aircraft aluminum

The blade featured on this product features ferrule technology which means the product includes anodized aircraft aluminum.

This is the most reliable type of material you can find on a broadhead for crossbow, along with the stainless steel blades which are .032” thick and come with a hardened high carbon steel point included.

All the features of this product recommend it for great damage and precision.

Honed razor sharp blades

Honed razor sharp blades are one of the preferred choices among hunters.

It is important to acknowledge that this product features very sharp blades that can produce tremendous tissue damage.

Honed razor sharp blades are selected by hunters who are experienced in the field of using a crossbow.

This type of blade is suitable for long range hunting as well.

This is also one of the best broadheads for turkey hunting right now.

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series – Mechanical Crossbow Broadheads

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • 100 grain broadhead, 2.3″ cutting diameter, razor sharp 0.035″, stainless steel blades.
  • Extremely accurate mechanical crossbow broadheads, providing excellent wound channels.
  • Massive leading edge blades.
  • The Ferrule Alignment Technology for aerodynamic flight.
  • The unique Shock Collar Technology provides excellent blade retention
  • Free practice head included for testing.

  • FAT
  • Free practice heads
  • Mechanical broadhead
  • Shock Collar Technology
  • Aerodynamic flight

  • Not suitable for all sorts of crossbows
  • One time use anticipation

Ferrule Alignment Technology

Like the Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX above, this broadhead comes with a huge precision rate given the fact that it works with the latest Ferrule Alignment Technology, also known as FAT.

This type of technology in broadheads offers the product an aerodynamic design which makes it fly through space much easier, with greater speed and perfect spin. The Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series has a massive leading edge blade and uses stainless steel for the blades.

Besides FAT technology, this broadhead also features Shock Collar technology, which means it will produce higher damage and leave a bigger blood trail behind.

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series

2.3” cutting diameter

The Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series features a 2.3” cutting diameter, which means it can easily cut a bigger wound through tissue.

Bigger cutting diameter is not always a good choice considering the results that hunters expect.

This broadhead is perfectly suitable for obtaining a lethal shot within a medium range.

The 2.3” cutting diameter only influences the depth of the broadhead penetration.

It is the proper cutting diameter for all sorts of purposes.

Razor-sharp blades

This broadhead comes with razor-sharp blades which are perfect for proper cutting.

The razor-sharp blades combined with FAT, Shock Collar Technology, and serious kinetic energy output are the keys to a deadly shot.

The Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series can be used in all sorts of conditions, and it would still give tremendous results.

The cutting diameter combined with the razor-sharp blades and the entire broadhead’s design represents a fatal combo that transforms this broadhead into the perfect one.

some of the best crossbow broadheads on the market right now

Photo by Pat Berio

Final Verdict

Considering all of the reviewed products, the one that seems the most appropriate for all sorts of passionate customers would be the Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX.

The battle for the best crossbow broadheads is finally done.

Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX wins the battle because of its various features, its ergonomic design, the balance between price and quality and not only.

Everything recommends this broadhead and, regardless of what your purpose is, this product should meet all of your expectations. It gets five out of five stars considering both its benefits and its downsides.

First of all, it has visibly a  lot more pros than cons, in the sense that it features FAT technology, which is not encountered on all broadheads; it includes practice heads; it is shaped aerodynamically for reaching the best velocity in flight; it has a leading edge blade and so on.

This broadhead is a mechanical one, perfect for hunters who want to obtain deadly shots within a short range.

The only downsides of the Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX are that it might not be suitable with all types of crossbows and bolt sizes and it also might not be suitable for long-range shots.

The reviews of people who already tried this product are constituting the perfect proof for the rating this product has.

It is up to you whether you want to put its performance to test or not.