Top 5 Broadhead Brands For Improving Your Hunting Skills

deer hunting

Hunting is a passion.

It was once a method of obtaining food to thrive and was extensively practiced by our ancestors.

It is still a hobby which is enjoyed by people worldwide.

It is a practice which people practice to entertain themselves and taste the thrill and adventure which is sometimes absent in the monotonous life.

It showcases the excellent status and the hunters are seen as those who are prominent risk takers because hunting is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Hunting has always been practiced with various tools which ensure the preciseness of the task.

There are a variety of hunting tools available throughout human civilization and are helpful in several ways.

Gun or Crossbow?


Every individual has its own strategy of hunting and perform it differently.

There are many popular ways of hunting the most popular being bow hunting and another is gun hunting.

While gun hunting is the advanced form of hunting, still bow-hunting is preferred over it. It has various pros over gun hunting and it provides much adventure and thrill.

The cost factor also hinders over the choice of gun hunting as the bullets need to be bought each time they are finished while the arrows used in bow hunting can be used over again and the broadheads need to be replaced very few times in a while.

Also, you wouldn’t prefer taking the same broadhead with you every time you go for hunting.

Keeping this in mind, bows which include mechanical broadheads and broadheads with fixed blades are a great choice for hunting if you really have a good gear.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing A Good Broadhead

Since you don’t want to purchase the same crossbow broadhead every now and then, it is very essential that you have essential knowledge and know the specifications you have to keep in mind while purchasing the perfect broadhead for you.

You should know how to make a wise choice and choose the long lasting material for the broadhead which keeps it sharp and in shape for long. You should actually consider the following things if you really want a successful hunting.

  • Blade Count: There should be more blade count as the number of blades increases the impact.
  • Weight: The broadhead shouldn’t be heavy or else it would become difficult to handle. Usually the broadhead making companies keep the weight between 100-125 grams.
  • Blade Type: Mainly there are two kinds of broadhead configuration, fixed blade heads and mechanical heads. The fixed blade heads have one piece or have replaceable blades. The replaceable kinds are widely preferred because they don’t need the sharpening.
  • Chisel Tip: Broadheads having chisel tip pierce animal skin even before the blade cuts in. slicing the tip is better because it achieves maximum penetration and required very less energy.

The Best Broadhead Brands For You!

Since it is clear that broadheads are the Midas touch when it comes to hunting, it becomes very important to be precise and clear the kind you want to take with you while you go for hunting.

There are a few promising brands which give you the best broadheads you are looking for and will make you feel satisfied.

It is always worth to spend money on reliable articles which offer best quality material to you.

The following brands are some you can rely on if looking for a good quality broadhead.

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series Mechanical Broadheads

1. Rage Broadheads

Located in Wisconsin, they have their own range of broadheads and indoor and outdoor sporting material.

The take care of the specialization you want.

A wide range of hunting materials including broadheads are available in their stores.

It is one such trustworthy company to count on.

Flying Arrow Archery

2. Flying Arrow Archery

It is one of the latest companies which gained popularity because of its good quality hunting tools.

They are a treat to wild hunters looking for their perfect tool.

The have extensive knowledge of broadheads and they perfectly mold the material into what you need.

Grim Reaper Expandable Broadhead Razortip

3. Grim Reaper Broadheads

They are Utah based outdoor/outdoor sporting material company who specialize in broadheads.

They have whatever it takes to make a good broadhead which excels in quality and precision from the rest.

They have a specified patented technology which is popularly known as razortip technology.

Apart from this they also serve as a guide for those who have just started hunting by giving them access to information and videos.

Slick Trick Broadheads

4. Slick Trick Broadheads

The success formula of this company lies in the innovative technologies developed by its founder Mr. Cooper.

This company was accompanied by the Outdoor group of Henrietta.

They both together maintained the leading position in broadhead industry.

They not only offer extraordinary products but also offer the wealth of knowledge.

The high quality of products is also up to the mark and due to their much experience in the field of broadheads; they always satisfy their customers and have always offered excellent customer care.

red river broadhead

5. Red River Broadheads

It is a family owned business and have more than six decades of experience in creating the best quality broadheads.

With utmost dedication and honesty, they produce the finest material and all that you want for hunting a prey of your choice.

They not only offer the top quality tools but also promise a dependable customer service.

They offer shipping all around the US.

Good Broadheads Give Best Hunting Experience

It is very much clear that while going for a hunt full of thrill and adventure, good broadheads are must.

It not only satiates the feeling of hunting but also is the key to a good hunting experience.

Before going for a real hunt, you should be aware of the things you need for better finishing.

Before practicing, you must know the companies which offer the best quality broadheads or else it will not take long to spill water over the excitement.

The type of hunting you want to perform will decide the kind of broadhead you need.

In case of a query, you can turn to any of the mentioned company and ensure a better hunting experience than ever.