Purchasing Perfect Broadheads For Shoulder Shots

Hunting is an enthralling experience which is full of adventure and brings you closer to nature.

Hunting is a dangerous sport which makes it quite adventurous and you need numerous skills and experience to excel at hunting.

You need the perfect equipment for hunting such as bow, arrows and broadheads and the selection of each will define the end result.

Broadheads play an imperative role when you are aiming for shoulder shots and you need the best crossbow broadheads for shoulder shots so that you can obtain optimum results.

Shoulder shots need technicality and experience and for most of the cases, the target escapes due to lack of perfection required for shoulder hits.

The broadheads selection will define the proficiency of your shoulder hits.

You need the perfect design for your broadheads so that the penetration is enough to provide lethal damage to the target.

broadheads for shoulder shots

Photo by Hunting Heartbeat

How to Select Broadheads for Shoulder Shots?

Shoulder hits demand perfection and expertise for a successful result.

For a successful shoulder hit, you need to consider two factors known as penetration depth and accuracy.

So you should consider the following factors for the selection of broadheads for shoulder hits:


The design of the broadhead is very crucial for efficient shoulder hits and you need to select the design which is appropriate for you. The sole purpose of the design is the penetration depth of the broadhead so if you need a deep penetration then you need a broadheads of small diameter because the penetration depth of the broadhead is inversely proportional to the diameter of the broadhead. So if you need a deep penetration then you need a broadhead with a small diameter for a successful result.


The weight of the broadhead also affects your skills for shoulder hits. The weight of the broadhead defines the accuracy of your arrows. For high accuracy, you need a flat trajectory. So if you are aiming for the target for shoulder hits within 30 yards then you can use heavy broadheads because within a closer range they will provide a flat trajectory with lethal impact. But if the target is far then you should definitely opt for lightweight broadheads so that you can obtain high accuracy but it will cost you penetration depth. So there is always a trade-off between accuracy and penetration depth and therefore you need to select the both in such a manner such that they blend perfectly with your task at hand.


The material of the broadhead also plays an imperative role which defines the result for the shoulder hits. The broadheads are made from numerous material such as aluminum, carbon and many more. And the selection of the material for the broadheads depends upon the choice of the user and also on the task at hand.

Shoulder hits requires expertise and you need the perfect equipment and gears for successful results. You consider the above factors for the selection of the broadheads for successful shoulder hits on the desired target. The selection of the broadheads totally depends upon the utility of the user.