Top 10 Tips for Buying Your Own Broadheads

Hunting of animals has been practiced from ancient times, where the animals are killed for various purposes like for their meat, skin, teeth, hind and other reasons too.

Are the hunters always able to match a broadhead to the animal they are chasing?

choosing broadhead

The Basics of the Broadheads

Fixed Blade Broadheads:

When you consider the variety of options for hunting do not forget to consider the various styles of the fixed blade broadheads.

There are chisel point broadheads with blades that are replaceable and cut on contact broadheads.

You can say that the fixed blades are more reliable as you are not forcing the blades to open up and then you are left with no doubt if the broadhead will penetrate or not.

Also there are different types of the fixed blade broadheads but the designs that have a single piece are considered to be stronger.

The broadheads which have a replaceable blade give an excellent performance in the field and will also last longer if the body of the broadhead is not being damaged.

The Mechanical Broadheads

A popular choice of the bow hunters is the mechanical broadhead (or expandable broadhead) as it provides a wider surface for cutting than the fixed blade broadheads.

These are considered to be more precise and accurate and are also useful for shooting of long distances.

The mechanical broadhead will also give an option to the shooter between the cut on impact broadhead and and a chisel point.

The Chisel Point

Since the development of the modern point of hunting the Chisel Point broadheads are considered to be staple in archery as most often they are being associated with the fixed blade designs.

The elk bow hunters prefer to use chisel point broadheads since they can be reused and they do not deflect when the tough areas like the shoulders or the bones are being hit.

The Cut On Impact

This type of a crossbow broadhead will start slicing as soon as the target is being hit.

Instead of making a hole in the hide of the animal, they will slice first thus the cut on impact broadhead will penetrate the target deeper.

The hunters who choose recurve and long bows and the other shooting bows which have a low poundage prefer the cut on impact broadheads.

If the animal that you are hunting has thick skin and bones which are heavy, choosing a touch one piece cut on impact broadhead will definitely help as it will not slow down when it hits the target.

Choosing a Suitable Broadhead for You!

When you have to choose a broadhead make sure you ask yourself these questions as to be sure that you select the right broadhead for your next hunting:

  • What is the average weight of an animal that is matured?
  • What is the anticipated distance of shooting?
  • Is it early or late in the fall?
  • What is the poundage at which your bow has been set at?
  • Considering my target animal what is its average body cavity size?
  • What kind of an arrow weight are you shooting?

The TruGlo’s new lineup of the Titanium X Broadheads are designed remarkably well.

Titanium provides strength of steel with the aluminum weight.

The Tru – Cut tip will assure deeper penetration and performance of bone splitting.

The Tru – Thru blades include sharpness which is needed for superior penetration and fast skills on the tough big animal.

The White tailed deer are regularly being hunted in vegetation that is thronged which complicates the efforts of tracking.

The new standard in the whitetail has a wide cutting mechanical design which provides pin point accuracy.

The two scissoring blades have a torque balancing design that will instantly start cutting on the impact, which adjusts itself to push around the bone without losing energy.

When the game is larger than 250 pounds you need to consider the fixed blade broadheads.

The modern crossbows give an energy to burn which makes the 4 blade suitable for blasting through a game of basically any game size, even if they are at extreme ranges.

All your needs of a broadhead are covered with the new Titanium X.