First of all, this is the best fixed blade broadhead on the market right now so you can take a look at it immediately. Then, you can scroll down for more detailed information!

If you are looking to prepare yourself for the hunting season, I can imagine the anticipation and the excitement you might feel when buying the right gear.

Even if you are an experienced bow hunter or a beginner, you should know one of the most important parts of your gear, besides your training and your heart, is the broadhead.

Broadheads dictate if you will kill the game with just one shot or if you will chase the wounded animal through the vegetation.

That is why you should be meticulous and take your time in deciding what broadhead is going to work for you.

While using a bow, you might find broadheads can have a detrimental impact on your hunting.

They are the sharp metal at the tip of the arrow. Highly efficient, enough to kill on impact. They come in different shapes and sizes.

The manufacturers are constantly reinventing themselves in order to deliver you the best solution. Year after year, test after test, they become quicker, sharper and more accurate.

This year’s recommendation is one of the best fixed broadhead out there: Drone by Wasp Archery, a versatile and efficient broadhead.

Learn how to choose the best fixed blade broadheads for you and explore some of the best-rated options in terms of technology and price. Reviews included.

Photo by Kyle Robbins

Types of Broadheads

There are three types of broadheads: Fixed broadheads, mechanical broadheads, and hybrid broadheads.

Fixed broadheads

This type is the most preferred by most bowhunters and for the right reasons. Their names come from the fixed position the blades have next to the arrow shaft.

Fixed broadheads are considered more reliable since they are structurally stronger. The blades and their tips are extremely sharp and they can pierce and cut on the impact, making them better than the mechanical ones. The blades can be glued or screwed in the shaft.

They are commonly used when hunting elk or deer, but they also deliver good performance when hunting larger prey.

blood therapy fixed blade broadhead

A beautiful fixed blade broadhead by Blood Therapy

Fixed broadheads can have two main blades or multiple blades (up to four), radiating from the tip. When the broadhead has two blades, they form a triangle.

They are smaller in diameter than the other types. This translates into better penetration; hence, the animal is killed on impact. Some of the best ones can even penetrate through bone.

Because of their simple design, they are also more durable and cheaper than the other two types.

Some crossbow broadheads have replaceable blades, so you won’t have to sharpen the blades every time you use them. In addition, if the blades are damaged, you won’t have to change the ferrule too.

The downside of using broadheads with replaceable blades is that you will have to learn how to change the blades. This is not a difficult task as any manufacturer will give you clear instructions about how to change them.

Broadheads with replaceable heads are less durable than the ones with glued blades and they tend to have a lower penetration score.

They tend to exaggerate the movement of the arrow, due to the resistance the blades apply during flight. As a result, you will have to tune your bow to perfection for increased accuracy. However, they can be stealthier, making it great to use in close range.

They might need some time and some practice to get used to them, but in the end, they are worth it.

Mechanical broadheads

a mechanical broadhead

A mechanical broadhead

They work on the principle that in the moment of impact, the blades open and make a greater wound into the animal’s hide. The hole almost double in size, as opposed to their fixed counterparts, thus making a hole as big as 1.5 inches.

They are appropriate for deer hunting.

Mechanical broadheads are easier to use because they tend to fly with less resistance and hit the target more accurately.

However, they deliver less in terms of penetration, making them more suited for animals with thin skin.

They can also break easily or on impact fail to open, making the target suffer and escape.

You should also keep in mind when buying a mechanical one that the blades tend to open even when brushing against vegetation and fail to reach the target. This can ruin a rather perfect day for hunting.

In addition, because they rely a lot on flying, they are not appropriate for close range hunting.

Hybrid broadheads

hybrid broadheads

Hybrid Broadheads by Jagt-Glimt

They are a combination of the two types. The tip has fixed blades and the rear has expandable blades.

They tend to fix to the hide, penetrate deeply into the skin and leave a heavy blood trail.

Since most of their weight is distributed near the tip, they are generally heavier than the other two, making them less accurate and their flight somewhat inconsistent.

They are more appropriate for close range hunting.

Why Go For Fixed Broadheads?

Being more durable and sturdier, fixed broadheads are usually your best bet when hunting large prey.

They are reliable, even though they do not do as much damage as a mechanical broadhead.

However, you can be sure they will not trigger and fail to reach the target if they pass through vegetation or tall grass.

As opposed to mechanical ones, they have more power even from longer distances and the force on impact is greater.

Here are the main advantages when using fixed broadheads

Great penetration

This is probably the most important feature of this type of broadhead.

Since their blades are fixed, they tend to cut immediately through the animal hide and bone, reaching vital organs.

Although penetration is the result of the force of the bow, the length of the arrow and the size of the game, the broadhead plays an important role.

The energy of the penetration is not lost during impact, like in mechanical products.

They are easy to maintain

The fixed broadheads have either fixed blades or replaceable blades.

You can choose the fixed ones and sharpen them, thus saving more money. On the other hand, you can choose the replaceable ones and have the same damage every time you use them.


This is probably the second most important feature of the broadheads.

Since the blades are fixed, there are not a lot of issues with them. Anything that seems to be an issue, you can probably correct through more testing.

In conclusion, this type of broadheads is both reliable and durable, they are easy to maintain and deliver great penetration, making them ideal for big game hunting and ethical killing.

There are also some disadvantages to using fixed broadheads


Fixed broadheads tend to have problems in reaching a target.

This is also because of the length of the arrow but also because of the width of it. The longer the arrow and the wider the broadhead, the more inconsistent the flight.

However, manufacturers tend to decrease the width from year to year, in an attempt to improve them.


Another disadvantage you have to be aware of is tuning. You will have to keep in mind to practice and adjust the pull before going hunting, in order to understand how the arrow works.

Tuning your bow properly ensures a more accurate flight towards the target.

Another small tip in minimizing tuning your bow is to go for smaller broadheads.

Design disadvantages

While tuning can solve some problems, some of the wider broadheads require specific bows.

You can’t be sure to try a wider fixed broadhead with your current bow and still get the same accuracy.

To conclude, I would say some practice and experimentation is required before trying to use them to hunt, but the result you can get out of using them are superior to mechanical or hybrid broadheads.

Mechanical vs. Fixed Broadheads - What To Shoot?? | The Sticks Outfitter | EP. 28

What To Consider Before Buying Fixed Broadheads

When looking for the right kind of broadhead, you should always consider factors like the weight, efficiency of cutting, penetration, impact and flight travel.

Nowadays, arrows can reach up to 200 miles per hour, which is comparable to their speed in the 1990s.

On impact, they have to remain intact and pierce through a game that is at least 1,400 pounds.

This means the individual parts of it should be sturdy and made out of quality materials.

However, the engineering behind it is equally important.

When engineering a broadhead, manufacturers take into consideration type of impact, alignment of the blades and even weight for a balanced flight and a piercing blow.

The tip of the broadhead dictates how it enters the hide.

The tip can be a chisel type or cut-on-contact type. The chisel tip can be accurate, while the cut-on-contact tip can deliver more damage.

The chisel tip will penetrate before the blades penetrate the hide. They can get through an animal hide without any damage to their structure.

On the other hand, cut-on-contact type deliver greater penetration by slicing through the hide, doing greater damage, making them a great choice when hunting for large animals.

The weight of the broadheads plays an important role in accuracy.

Lighter broadheads can travel longer distances but deliver weaker blows, while a heavier one  is more appropriate in close range and on larger prey.

You should never get a lighter-than-recommended broadhead because you might hurt yourself or damage the crossbow.

Searching for the right fixed-blade broadheads can be a little overwhelming, but we hope we can shed some light over what is most important for you when buying a hunting gear.

Therefore, before acquiring a fixed one, you should ask yourself these several questions (click on them for explanations)

What type of bow do you have?
Given the fact that some fixed broadheads are incompatible with some bows, you should consider the ones recommended for your bow.
How much weight do you need?
A heavier broadhead results in a heavier arrow, which will reduce noise and be stealthier. You should never get a lighter-than-recommended one since it will result in damage to your bow.
How far are you going to shoot?
Your broadhead should be compatible with your range.
How much does the prey weigh?
Penetration and accuracy are detrimental in hunting big game.
How many blades do you want?
The greater number of blades, the greater the wound, thus the blood volume. However, the arrow will weigh more, so you will lose some accuracy. The ones with four blades are best for larger prey.
What material do you prefer?
While aluminum is lightweight, but it does not deliver much in terms of penetration and carbon broadheads, although they are razor-sharp, they need to be sharpened regularly.
How much are you willing to pay?
Even though you can always find cheaper alternatives, you should always go for at least medium-priced broadheads, since they will most likely be of higher quality. For fixed broadheads with replaceable blades, you will have to acquire blades often.
How much experience do you have?
If you are a novice, you should consider buying smaller broadheads. The ones with fewer blades are also better for you.

In conclusion, when searching for the appropriate broadhead, you should ask yourself what matters most to you about this product, in order to have the best experience. This will be an individual answer so take your time into finding the right one.

Below are listed some of the best seven fixed blade broadheads this year.

fixed broadheads

The Best Fixed Blade Broadheads of 2021

  1. Drone Fixed Broadhead by Wasp Archery
  2. Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar
  3. Savage Village Hunting Broadhead
  4. Wac’Em Archery 4 Blade Broadheads (Affordable)
  5. G5 Outdoors Montec
  6. Carbon Express XT Fixed 4-Blade Broadhead (Affordable)
  7. Huntingdoor Fixed Blade

Drone Fixed Broadhead by Wasp Archery

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Three 100 grain fixed blade broadheads.
  • 1-1/8″ cutting diameter.
  • Razor Sharp .027″ for a maximum penetration.
  • Stainless Steel Trocar Tip can shred through any type of bone.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Flies like a dart.
  • Reduced ferrule surface area for an unrivaled accuracy, penetration and strength.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Field Point Accuracy.

  • Great alternative to mechanical broadheads can be used for large game
  • Works both in close range and in a wide range
  • Silent
  • Razor sharp
  • Aerodynamic

  • Can sometimes bend from impact, but will remain intact

When designing this broadhead, Wasp Archery worked with professional shooters. This broadhead was made in the USA, out of 100% solid steel, delivering great accuracy and penetration.

The design of the broadhead makes it possible to ensure a clean wound and a great blow to the animal.

Drone Fixed Broadhead by Wasp Archery

The Drone has thin blades, measuring .027″, and comes in two different grains: 100 grains or 120 grains.

The blades are removable, thus ensuring you will do the same damage every time you use your arrow.

The three blades are in line with the tip, making the impact resembling a cut-on-contact type and delivering great damage.

The tip is a chisel type, resembling the Trocar Tip that, and at high speed can pierce through any type of bone. The manufacturer pride themselves with the technology they used to make the tip. To sustain an accurate flight, the tip has been pressed with hundreds of pounds of force.

The ferrule is brawny and makes it for a reduced surface area, improving the aerodynamics.

The broadheads strike true, inflicting a wound as large as 1-1/8 diameter. This wound usually does not create a long blood trail, but the damage is significant.

When buying a package, you get three broadheads and two sets of extra blades, to make sure you always inflict the same amount of damage.

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Fixed Broadheads

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • 100 to 125 Grain broadheads.
  • 0.035″ thick razor sharp helix-blade.
  • 1 3/16-inch cutting diameter.
  • Solid-steel ferrule.
  • Helix Blade Design for the best accuracy.
  • 1 piece steel ferrule.

  • Reliable and accurate
  • Blades remain sharp after multiple killings
  • Great blood trail
  • Have true flight

  • It is not compatible with compound bows
  • It is difficult to replace the blades because the hardware is tiny

Muzzy is a company that specializes in broadheads.

They manufactured hybrid and mechanical broadhead and they tend to equip their products with versatility and innovation, while still keeping in mind reliability and quality of materials.

Their fixed broadhead does not fall from this principle.

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Fixed Broadheads

The design is thought out piece by piece, every single one of the components contributing to the penetration or to the slashing motion.

The razor-shape blades are thin, with the width of 0.035 inches, in the shape of a helix, for deeper penetration.

The three-sided cutting point provides superior accuracy, greater damage and ensures a wider and deeper wound. The cut is 1 3/16 inch diameter.

The blood trail would be massive.

You can find this broadhead in 100 grains or in 125 grains, and it is appropriate for most crossbows.

However, it is not compatible with compound bows. While they have true flight, on some rare occasions, the arrows can plane.

The ferrule is solid steel, making this product both durable and sturdy.

The blades are replaceable, so make sure you stack up on them before hunting season.

In conclusion, this would make an excellent product if not for the difficulties enumerated above. The design makes for an innovative, sturdy product that can deliver great performance in close range.

Savage Village Hunting Broadhead

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Pack contains 3 fixed blade broadheads.
  • Can be easily re-sharpened.
  • 100 Grain.
  • Cutting diameter: 1” ~ 1-1/8”
  • Carefully tested for the best accuracy and straight fly.
  • Stainless steel material.
  • One-piece casting.
  • Full refund guarantee within 30 days.

  • Innovative design
  • Cheap
  • Great for close range
  • Great for beginner hunters
  • Sturdy

  • Dull upon delivery, need sharpening before using
  • Can be loud during flights in windy conditions

Savage Village is a manufacturer that focuses solely on broadheads. Their product, which I will recommend today, is a cheaper alternative to G5. It has the same innovative design, it is a one-piece casting and the main material is 100% stainless steel.

Savage Village Hunting Broadhead

This is a medium- weight broadhead, its weigh being 100 grain. It has three fixed razor-sharp blades, which can be resharpened. The blades are really close to the tip of the broadhead, ensuring maximum power on impact.

The broadhead utilizes the cut-on-impact technology and the resulting wound is between 1 inch and 1 1/8 inch. The wound would be clean, with a small blood trail. I would recommend this broadhead for hunting small prey, or thin-skinned prey, at a close range.

The product passed the spin tests with 100% accuracy and ensures true fly.

One of the main features of this broadhead is its easy installation. The base of the broadhead has a screw-in design that is compatible with most arrows. Just keep in mind its weight when choosing the fletching.

The country of origin for this product is China.

Overall, this broadhead is a cheaper alternative to similar top-selling broadheads and offer a decent hunting experience.

The manufacturer ensures the hunters that they will be 100% satisfied with this product, and they offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

Wac’Em Archery 4 Blade Broadheads (Affordable)

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Very strong, sharp and accurate fixed broadhead.
  • 1.063″ Cut Diameter with .027″ Replaceable Blades.
  • 100% Hardened Stainless Steel.
  • Best for experienced people.
  • 4 Blade Patented Cut on Impact Head.
  • Best for experienced people.
  • Unmatched Penetration.

  • Is made out of hardened stainless steel
  • Great for hunting smaller prey, but can deliver decent performance on bigger prey
  • Affordable
  • Can achieve true flight during normal weather conditions

  • Can bend when using on bigger prey
  • Can be tricky to change the blades

The engineering team at Wac’ Em, sought to achieve true flight and great penetration that would match mechanical broadhead. This is how they came to the design of this broadhead.

Wac’Em Archery 4 Blade Broadheads

Made out of hardened stainless steel, this broadhead has four replaceable blades that use the cut-on-impact technology. The blades are sharp, surgically- sharp even. The broadhead has the maximum number of blades; this will guarantee great damage on the prey. The tip and the blades have double-sided edges, which will help deliver greater damage by slashing through the skin and organs.

The result cut is 1 and 1/16 inch diameter, with shorter blood trails. This would ensure an ethical, clean kill.

I would recommend this broadhead for hunting smaller animals, or animals with thinner hide, like deer. However, they can also deliver decent performance on larger game.

The broadhead has a screw-in design and is compatible with regular inserts so you will not have a problem in finding an arrow that would fit.

You can find this product in 85 grains and in 100 grains. You can, therefore, choose which one is compatible with your bow.

You will find this product in a pack of four at a reasonable price. In the pack, you will not find spare blades, so you will have to buy them separately.

G5 Outdoors Montec

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • Pack contains 3 fixed broadheads.
  • 1″ to 1 1/8″ Cutting Diameter
  • Well designed blade angle for the maximum penetration and devastation after using it lots of times.
  • One-Piece Metal Construction makes it very easy to use.
  • G5 Outdoors Montec can be easily re-sharpened.

  • Diamond-cut sharp blades
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Great for beginners

  • Can sometimes lose trajectory
  • When taking flight, it can be loud

The Montec is a family brand, with a love for outdoor sports, who runs their products through multiple tests before releasing them to market.

They rely on innovation and accuracy.

G5 Outdoors Montec

The broadhead they designed, G5, has no replaceable parts and is easy to use. You simply have to screw it into the arrow shaft and you are ready to go.

The blade is made out of 100% strong tapered steel and has passed sharpness tests. In manufacturing these diamond cut blades, Montec used the Lutz technology.

You can re-sharpen the blades before going to hunt, thus getting repeated usage out of the same broadhead. You will have to sharpen the blades every time you go hunting, so you can get the same accuracy and damage.

The cut-on-contact design ensures a clean cut, with a diameter ranging from 1 inch to 1 1/8 inch. Even though it does not leave a big blood trail, the arrow will do great damage on its way out.

Their broadhead was designed to sustain repeated penetrations and usage. The G5 can penetrate flesh, hide and bone and it passed multiple guillotine strength tests.

During spin- tests, the product returned 100% accuracy. This product can ensure true flight.

The broadhead is available in the following grains: 85, 100 and 125 grains. The 100 and 125 grains are compatible with high-speed crossbow models.

You can find this product in a package of three for a small price.

This should also be an excellent choice for turkey hunting.

Carbon Express XT Fixed 4-Blade Broadhead (Affordable)

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • 100 Grain Weight
  • Cutting diameter 1.125″
  • Blade Thickness 0.058″
  • One-piece construction with the super strong main blade.
  • Curved cutting blade for the best penetration.
  • The back of the blades are well sharpened for more damage.
  • Perfect for beginners.

  • Affordable price
  • Great penetration
  • Leaves good blood trail
  • Good for small and large game

  • Needs some tweaking with the ferule screw to stay in place.

Carbon Express has specialized in hunting gear and while researching for the best design for a broadhead, they concluded that a one-piece construction is a way to go.

The USA- based manufacturer could not be wrong with this product.

This XT 4- Blade has two main blades.

This blade’s thickness is .058 inches.

The smaller blades, called the bleeder blades, around the tip, have a greater role in penetration. The bigger blades have the role of doing additional damage after the impact.

The cutting blade has a curved surface that ensures optimal penetration and slashing. The cutting diameter is 1.125 inches. The wound usually leaves a good blood trail to follow although it can also be lethal if shot through the vital organs.

The main head is durable and sturdy and the bleeder blades help in maintaining a stable trajectory during flights.

XT 4 Blade broadhead’s flight is straight, true, and there is no need of tuning to use them. Because of this, beginner hunters can successfully use them.

Both blades are sharpened, for a greater blow. The main blades are replaceable, ensuring you will use this product for a longer time, provided you have the spare blades.

This broadhead has the medium weight of 100 grains.

You can find this product in a package of three at an affordable price.

Huntingdoor Fixed Blade

  • Features
  • Pros
  • Cons

  • 31” black carbon arrows.
  • Spine 500, 7.5mm diameter.
  • Colored plastic fletching vanes & nock.
  • Adjustable nocks.
  • Screw-In field points with standard thread
  • Package contains: Six carbon arrows + six 3-fixed-blade 100 grain broadheads.

  • Affordable price
  • Decent when hunting for smaller prey
  • Can leave a good trail of blood
  • Feel lightweight

  • Not so sturdy might splinter if it hits bones or dense mass
  • They come with the kind of dull edges
  • Can have an inconsistent flight
  • Don’t work so well on short crossbows

Huntingdoor, a manufacturer who noticed that not all pricey hunting gears are good quality, engineered a fixed broadhead with a price to leave you in awe.

The broadhead has three sharp blades that go slightly below the tip, while the tip is pointy. The broadhead has a medium weight, with 100 grains.

The arrow would gain speed fast and remain steadily on its trajectory.

huntingdoor fixed blade

The broadhead proves great resistance when hunting small animals or animals with light hide.

However, they might splinter when hitting a harder mass and this is applicable even at greater speeds.

The blood trail can be massive, although in not all cases.

They sell the broadheads in a package consisting of 6 carbon arrows and 6 broadheads. The fletching is of colored plastic with a 7.5 mm in diameter.

The nocks are adjustable and the broadhead features a screw in design.

The arrow and the broadhead, in their combination, is said to draw weight of 55 pound bows.

Overall, this broadheads are very affordable and can be appropriate for the occasional hunter that goes for smaller prey. They are lightweight and silent and can leave a good trail behind.

fixed blade broadheads

Photo by Dale Evans

Final Words

When it comes to hunting, you do not want the gear to fail on you. Everything you invest in will affect your performance in the wild. Hence, you would want only sturdy, reliable broadheads that deliver the power you seek.

When searching for the right gear, you should make sure you are asking yourself the right questions and making your purchase according to your well thought out answers.

In this article, we provided a small guide that can help you clarify what type of broadhead is right for you.

Fixed blade broadheads are more reliable than mechanical broadheads because they can deliver a clean, ethical kill.

When looking for the best ones, you should know you have many options.

Choosing a chisel tip will ensure a clean wound, while a cut-on-contact can provide a good trail of blood for faster prey.

Even though you might need some time to get used to them, fixed blade broadheads are sturdy and easy to maintain.

Fixed blade broadheads are legal in most states, while mechanical broadheads are not.

In the end, whatever your prey is, the best fixed blade broadhead will give you an advantage.

Out of all the options, the Drone Broadhead by Wasp Archery would be my number one choice. It was made with the help of professional shooters; it has proven its efficiency through numerous accuracy and endurance tests, making them ideal for any type of game.

Because of this, we proudly give this product five stars out of five.