Are New Broadheads Better Than The Old Ones?

Broadheads are large cutting point assemblies that are attached to arrow shaft for great hunting.

some new broadheads on the market right now

These proliferations of its design and blade configuration are highly diverse and makes decision on one which for under given setting of the hunting factors as highly confusing.

Every year the manufacturers around come up with all new models that are designed for maximizing the cutting efficiency, minimizes well flight deviation & increases the impact stability.

So, even if you are content with the best crossbow broadheads with which you have been shooting since long, it might be valuable to consider some of the new ones available in the market.

The Division of Broadheads

The broadhead arrows can also be divided in 2 categories based on physical makeup and additional others.

As said, every new batch of these broadhead is packed with more number of blades and all of them can last for long.

Sometimes people make use of the 3-blade broadheads for hunting black bear.

It can be that the shot placement stands perfect but penetration is not reached to optimum level for killing bear or any other.

In case, even if you also had bad penetration in past, then it might be the time to switch to new ones.

It can be better to switch to grizzly single bevel of 2 blade points which can offer you amazing results.

They are intended as the traditional broadheads but they can fly well as compared to others.

They just need little sighting adjustment.

The other best one available in the market is 3 blades which can assist you in making identical shots for completely passing through.

There are lot numbers of other factors in these shots, but if you will make use of Grizzlies broadheads, you will be able to get complete penetrations.

There are major two factors which you can believe for contributing to the penetration:

  • Blades
  • Cutting surface

This steel cutting surface is commonly found on the modern broadheads which are detrimental to the penetration due to their large surface cutting which is shorter packaged and causes more amount of drag.

Dirt Nap Gear Head Turkey BroadheadThese number of the blades are important as for the compound shooter who make use of straight fletched arrows and they don’t have much spins but many of them make use of helical fletch on these compounds at present.

This fletching type helps in increasing the arrow spin & improves flight well.

These arrow flights turned popular due to their 3 blades commonly.

They fly in a better way than the straight fletch while the 2 blades broadheads also plane off in the bogus directions.

The issue with the making use of the 3 blades & helical fletching is also that more blades on broadhead are spinning and more torsional resistance will slow down the arrow.

Penetration of these 3 & 4 blade broadheads seems bit slow when they are used with helical fletch.

The best thing about old style of these 2 blade broadheads, mainly with single bevel is the cut in spin direction and torsional resistance as well.

While testing it was also found that these Grizzlies broadheads go far into these targets as 3 blade points.

There are other factors to consider as well which includes,

  • Sizing
  • Shot placement
  • Arrow velocity
  • More involved in their performance

It is much clearer that these 2 blade head penetrates in a better way than those with 4 or 3 and make a cut as big as the huge hole.

With these super-fast and heavy compounds, one can enjoy all its benefits.

They can fly better than the 3 blade design and one can also be pleased enough with their penetration results.

The main categories of these broadheads are also mechanical blade and fixed blade.

With these two categories, you can find some of the additional variations.

For more the bow hunters, the broad head selection is the matter of these personal preference which is based on experience, arrow speed and the sought after game.

Basic Guidelines

If you are the one who is new to this bow hunting and shorter on the experience, then you must consider some of the guidelines.

The bow hunters with slow speed of shooting must make use of the fixed blade broad heads for improving their penetration.

Additionally, one can also go for the broadheads of cut on contact which have minimal resistance and increases the penetration as well as ethical and quick killing.

The shooters who are having high drawing weights & fast speed have more number of options.

The increased kinetic energy gets afforded with benefit to use large diameter mechanical and fixed broadheads.

Sufficient Penetration

With the sufficient penetration from these large broadheads, you can produce heavy trails of blood.

The large blades must also be reserved for the smaller games as turkey when the penetration is not at all an issue.

You can have a look at them online which comes with a goal for offering great penetration.

Some of them also have pivoting blade for reducing the loss of friction.

They deploying head cut massive two inches of entrance hole and creates well less resistance amount throughout shots.

They also come with exceptional accuracy of sharp blades and create monster blood trail for the trophy recoveries.

The heads of these broadheads are versatile and pull around double duty as the perfect option for all cross bow shooters and low poundage of the vertical bows.

They all are designed specifically and even weighted for never opening in the flight, no matter what is the speed.

They also come with radical new designing which are engineered for the massive wounds channels.

They produce some of the nasty results on the whitetail deer or on turkeys.

They are base for deadly head which features wide cut on the contact tip.

Make sure you select the new range of the broadhead available in the market and that can offer you deep penetration.