Titanium X Broadheads (2018 Latest Reviews)

A lot of bowhunters are aware of broadheads, which are mainly used for hunting; A broadhead is basically a large cutting point which is attached to an arrow shaft.

There are a lot of different models of broadheads are there and the use of the broadheads mainly depends upon the personal preference and on the speed of the arrow.

Just like a lot of broadheads, the bowhunters must have heard of the Titanium, X broadheads.

These broadheads are made of Titanium which not only provides the weight of the aluminium but also comes with the strength of steel.

So in short, Titanium X broadheads have the best of both the steel and aluminium.

titanium x broadheads

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Advantages of Using Titanium X Broadheads

The Titanium X broadheads can be found both in a 4 blade design as well as in a 3 blade configuration design. They are known for the strength, accuracy and destructive power that they provide, except for these they also have the following qualities:

  • They have precision blades.
  • They contain 100 grains for proper and optimum compatibility and fight.
  • These are spin tested for giving an ultimate performance.
  • There are basically 3 broadheads in every package.
  • They have stainless steel blades.

Those who want devastating and extreme results, the Titanium X broadheads are good for them. Basically, there are six models of the Titanium X broadheads which are great for bowhunting.

The Titanium X Broadheads

  • The Titanium X 2 and 4 blades – So the white-tailed deer are old bucks that are quite frequently hunted; the standard device for hunting the white tailed buck is a wide cutting mechanical weapon that is quiet accurate and results in faster deaths. The TRUGLO’s Titanium X 2 blade mechanical is the best for this and quite difficult to bet. It has a Titanium ferrule and a tru-cut tip for penetration. It has two scissoring blades that have a balancing design which helps in cutting instantly. In case one is looking for a more devastating effect then the Titanium X 4-blade is more cross cutting, it works in the same way as the 2 blade model but it twice as more damaging. The x 4 blade is like the traditional broad, only difference being that it has replaceable and crosscutting blades.
  • The Titanium X 3 blades– The TRUGLO x 3 blade is of the industry standard and has 1/3/16 inch diameter for cutting. It is ideal for the fast compound bows of today’s time and also has enough of diameter for fast killing. It has a fixed design and is perfect for women, youth and shooters who are elderly.
  • The Crossbow Model Blades The crossbow models have larger diameter for better crossbow bolts, these models have 4 blades mechanical and are perfect for average as well as for average shooters.

The whole Titanium X bow line is perfect for today’s hunting world, they are remarkable and perfect for the bowhunters who like devastating killing and are interested in playing the toughest games.