10 Best Turkey Hunting Tips: From Beginner to Pro

turkey hunting tips

Hunting is considered as an interesting and challenging sport in several parts of the world.

While it is banned and considered punishable by law in some parts of the world, there are no such laws established in other parts of the world.

Different animals and sometimes birds are hunted worldwide.

It has earned itself the position of a national tradition in several countries as well.

While some people hunt as a hobby, others do so for different products.

For instance, the meat can be fed on, the skin or Hyde can be used to make clothing, carpets and other items to cover the body and provide warmth. The fat is used to obtain oil so that lamps can be lit and light can be provided.

Fishing is also considered as a form of hunting, which includes the hunting of different types or species of fish.

Turkey hunting, is a common sport that is exercised by several individuals all over the world.

What Is A Wild Turkey?

turkey hunting

Photo by Kate Bryant

The species of turkey that is hunted the most on the face of the Earth is the wild turkey.

Being the heaviest member of the diverse Galliformes, it is a famous upland bird.

It is considered as the parent species of the domestic turkey, which is similar in several aspects.

Many hunters use baiting as an important technique while hunting wild turkeys.

A certain bait is placed around which the bird flocks in order to feed on it.

The hunter then fires and tries to kill the bird right away!

These hunters usually camouflage themselves and remain in hiding so that the bird is not aware of its presence.

The Behaviors of the Wild Turkey

Several research projects and studies related to the wild turkey are carried out all over the world.

Some of the major or important behavioral characteristics of the wild turkey are as follows:

  • Wild turkeys are generally agile fliers and highly energetic with a decent amount of stamina as well. They however, may not fly at great heights. They are usually found in the dense forests where the leaves of trees form a canopy of covering. These birds then fly at a height below this canopy due to which they are accustomed to flying quite low.
  • These birds have a distinct way of communicating with each other as well. The sounds that they produce can travel a distance as great as a mile in most cases. These sounds are produced as a call for mating or to warn their counterparts from danger. The sound produced can be either by a high pitched one or a low grunt as well. There are special air sacs through which, air is released out while making the sound.
  • Wild turkeys feed on plants as well as other living beings like insects and worms. As such, they are omnivorous in nature. In order to find themselves something to feed on, these birds may climb tall trees and rest on branches or glide down gradually up to the ground or water surface. These birds also feed on snakes, lizards and other similar, small reptiles.
  • The male wild turkeys are polygamous in nature. They attract their female counterparts by spreading their wings and feathers or stretching out their tail. This behaviour is commonly known as strutting. While a few male turkeys court in a group, others do so alone.
Turkey Hunting Tips: How To Hunt Turkey | The Sticks Outfitter | EP. 36

Turkeys usually have a broad neck region.

Hunters take great advantage of this fact. Hunting an animal or bird with a broad neck region has certain benefits.

Some of these important benefits are as follows:

  • It provides a larger target to aim at during hunting. If a small, thin target is present, there are chances of the hunter’ arrow or bullet missing the target. Many hunters prefer using the trad bows which provide better flight for the arrows that are shot towards the target as compared to the normal bows. Heavy front weighted shafts are also used in order to provide extra energy and momentum to the arrows shot.
  • Turkeys are capable of moving their heads quickly. Even though they move their head quickly, the broad neck region still provides the hunter with a chance to shoot accurately. This is highly beneficial when the hunter is taking a long range shot from far off distances, which is comparatively difficult with respect to short range shots.
  • Not a hunters are very good or accurate shooters. The best shooter too, can make mistakes as it is normal human nature. After all, to err is humane. In such cases, due to the arrow or noise of the bullet, the turkey may become alert or aware of the situation and try to fly off. In this case, the hunter has a greater chance of getting the second shot right if the neck has a broad diameter. Hence it may serve as a second chance to the hunter.
turkey hunting

Photo by Jim Meyers

Different tools and other equipment is used during hunting.

This equipment may be bought online on different shopping websites as well. These tools may be bought as single pieces or the entire hunting set is also available.

Many websites offer interesting deals and other incentives on the products.

It is always advisable for a hunter to be well equipped when he or she is on the hunt.

It is a risky task especially in the wild forest. One never knows which animal he or she may encounter and must be alert at all times. A small mistake can lead to severe injuries and sometimes even death.

While hunting, it is highly beneficial if the turkey broadheads are broad as well. A broad arrow head implies a greater surface area and thus, a larger chance of hitting the target or the so called bull’s eye accurately.

One however, needs or requires hours of practice sessions along with the bow and arrow or gun in order to hit or shoot accurately.

Great tools or equipment and no skills will not do any good to the hunter.

The vice versa, that is great skill and lack of good equipment may however, be acceptable to some extent.

Usually, people place pillows and practice shooting.

Some also join archery and other related shooting classes.

Several video lectures are available online along with a few question and answer forums where hunters all over the world discuss hunting related topics and other tips. Some also trade equipment and other items with one another. The video lectures are mainly aimed at improving the hunting skills of the hunters present all over the world.

If any individual is interested in hunting and has an urge to learn and practice it, it is advisable that the particular individual immediately start taking coaching or other classes.

It is quite an entertaining hobby and an interesting method of spending time.

Many people hunt animals and store a part of the animal as a remembrance in their house.

For instance, carpets obtained from the skin or statues made of ivory.